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Doll Japan established in Tokyo, Japan, epitomizes honorable and respected business practices and is a model of professionalism. Doll Japan has six successful businesses in the United States as well as being the managing partner in a reputable corporation of very strong companies. Three handpicked directors oversee our skilled, multi-national, and talented workforce. In the areas of medicine development, education, real estate, apparel, literature, and even restaurant management.

Doll Japan has for many years and still now, served and supported the Japanese community. Striving to help better humanity, increase cultural awareness, social development and actively contribute to world peace.
The aforementioned accomplishments are commendable however, our goals are to develop long-term services or products that enhance the quality of human life. For example, one of our core businesses is a health care service provider, using top-notch professionals, good management, and commitment to excellence. With the cooperation of business partners, we have developed a new procedure to vastly improve curability of myopia and refractive surgery complications. A truly miraculous discovery!

Our persistence has achieved numerous patents around the world in many fields. In addition, Doll Japan is launching a new designer brand. A beautiful and creative collaboration of the traditional Japanese Kimono and the classic American western style. Guaranteed to be a hit! Made in Japan.
Furthermore, Doll Japan cooperates with religious, and NPO organizations to develop and preserve cultural sites and famous landmarks. Fortunately, we have grown into a global, successful, and profitable corporation. To ensure stability and encourage productive alliances with our partners, we eye the future and research new potential markets for business opportunities.

Doll Japan is always diversifying, restructuring or whatever is needed to stabilize financial strength and increase expansion capabilities. We have the right people in the right jobs to honor our clients needs and best interests.
Doll Japan welcomes correspondence from interested parties. Serious inquiries only please.


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